Why hire a copywriter?

Good copywriting is at the heart of great advertising. It speaks up on the behalf of your brand and convinces your audience to believe in you. Nothing will turn off a prospective customer more than arriving at your website to be greeted with poorly written, weak copy.

More importantly, you need customers to be able to find your website among the myriad of choices online. Then you need them to take action, buy your product or book your service

They will be looking for relevant and useful content which answers questions and builds trust. Using the right words will optimise your site so that it not only appears in relevant web searches, but it ranks highly too.

Marketing professionals will spend hours strategising and planning the perfect campaign. After being so meticulous about segmentation of data, pricing points and product identity, don’t let your campaign fall foul to the perils of a badly written, subsequently discarded, piece of direct mail, email or advertisement – it will damage your brand more than you realise.

Instead, hire a professional who can elevate your brand using the intelligent, persuasive words it deserves.